Little hands grow up  -  Piccole mani crescono

Painting and COLLAGE

 Painting on different materials:   Collage
 01. On glass and transparent plastic   Easy collage on .......
 02. On paper with flour glue   More difficult collage ...... 
 03. How to make and cover a box   Collage di fiori pressati.   
 04. On cloth, painted   See children during their work
 05. Prints made with potatoes           
 06. Making mosaics with vegetables   General table of contents pdf 
 07. Painting with cutouts and sprays on
 08. Graffito art    Tavole COLLAGE facile pdf in riepilogo
 09. Painting on wood, stones or metal   da 4.01 al 4.09 ed altre pagine 
 10. Pictures with paint and leaves


 11. Batik on paper for young children

 12. Batik for older children.
  13. Batik for adults
 14. Drawings to paint
 15. How to make knots for painting